About Us

The Purpose

With the growing importance of fighting malware-based threats, we believe in sharing and knowledge collaboration to fight those threats. We have created a simple website that offers a range of resources to assist in this fight. We have gathered the most up-to-date resources and tools and presented them in one place. These resources include tools to analyze Windows, macOS, and Linux malware, free and paid sandboxes to ease malware analysis procedures via automation, malware sample source code, entry-level and advanced-level books, and much more.

About the Founder

Uriel Kosayev is an Israeli security researcher with over eight years of experience in the cybersecurity field. Uriel is the author of the Antivirus Bypass Techniques book and a lecturer who has developed courses in the cybersecurity field. Uriel has hands-on experience in malware research, reverse engineering, penetration testing, digital forensics, and incident response. During his army service, Uriel worked to strengthen an elite incident response team in both practical and methodological ways.