About Us

The Purpose

As the importance and need to fight malware-based threats is rapidly growing, it is more important to share and collaborate knowledge to fight those threats. We at MalwareAnalysis.co decided to take an important step and create a simple website that includes wide resources to assist in this fight. We simply gathered the most updated resources and tools and centralized them in one place, resources such as tools to analyze Windows, macOS and Linux malware, free and paid sandboxes to ease malware analysis procedures via automation, malware samples sources, entry, advanced level books and much more.

About the Founders

Uriel Kosayev is an Israeli security researcher with over six years of experience in the Cyber Security field, as a hands-on practitioner. Uriel is a lecturer as well, that has also developed courses in the cybersecurity field. Uriel possesses hands-on experience in Malware Research, Reverse Engineering, Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, and Incident Response. In his army service, Uriel strengthened an elite incident response team, acting on both the practical and methodological aspects. Nowadays, Uriel is a founder of TRIOX Security, a company that provides Red Team and Blue Team security services followed by tailored made security solutions.

Nir Yehoshua is an Israeli security researcher with more than six years experience in several information security fields. His specialties include malware analysis, reverse engineering, penetration testing and incident response. He is an alumnus of an elite security research and incident response team in the Israeli army. Today, Nir works as a red team expert, consulting to several largest and key companies in the cybersecurity industry and helps them detect and prevent cyber attacks. During the years, Nir published more than 15 security vulnerabilities on several product companies, such as Spotify, Adobe, F-Secure, Bitdefender, Bosch, Nike, DHL, FACEIT and more. One of Nir’s hobbies is to bypass Antivirus/EDR security solutions.