Cheat Sheets

Hunting Process Injection by Windows API Calls – By

Evasion Techniques – By CheckPoint Research

List of File Signatures – Wikipedia

APT Groups and Operations – Google Docs

Ransomware Overview – Google Docs

APTnotes – GitHub

PDF Tricks – GitHub

PE101 – GitHub

Windows Forensics Analysis – SANS Poster

Evidence Collection Cheat Sheet – SANS Poster

Network Forensics and Analysis Poster – SANS Poster

Common Ports – Packetlife

IDA Pro Shortcuts – Hex Rays

Malware Analysis Cheat Sheet – SANS Poster

Memory Forensics Cheat Sheet – SANS Poster

Analyzing Malicious Documents – Lenny Zeltser

Tips for Reverse Engineering Malicious Code – Lenny Zeltser

ARM Assembly – Azeria Labs

VX-Underground – Interesting Papers and More

Dalvik Opcodes

Windows Registry Forensics – Mindmap

Hex and Regex Cheat Sheet

Antivirus Event Analysis

NTFS Cheat Sheet

FAT Cheat Sheet

APFS Cheat Sheet

Reverse Engineering Cheat Sheet – WinDBG Commands and More

Reverse Engineering Tips

Digital Forensics Cheat Sheet