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As the importance and need to fight malware-based threats are rapidly growing, it is more important to share and collaborate knowledge to fight those threats. This is why we at decided to take another big step and create this page that includes three of our courses that Uriel Kosayev will mentor. On this page, you will get the information you need to start and advance in your professional journey as a Cybersecurity researcher.

About the Founder – Uriel Kosayev

Security researcher, who lives both on the offensive and defensive fronts. Passionate about malware research and red teaming while providing real-world security solutions. Contributing through creating content on YouTube, writing blogs, leading various courses, mentoring people on the offensive and defensive fronts, and more.

More about Uriel

    • The author of the Antivirus Bypass Techniques book which can be purchased here.
    • International cybersecurity conference speaker.
    • Developed unique teaching, and research methodology.
    • Authored courses on the topics of malware reverse engineering and red teaming.
    • Lead red team operations and incident response.
    • Co-Editor at the ACM –
    • Consult companies on malware analysis and digital forensics.
    • Consult and help companies become more secure.
Uriel Kosayev in action

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Our Courses Courses

Certified Malware Analyst Professional – CMAP

In this course, you will learn how to analyze different families and types of malware variants, extract important information and understand the TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) used by adversaries, to understand the adversarial mind behind the used techniques.
At the end of the course, you will have a foundational understanding of analyzing and dissecting malware.

Certified Malware Reverse Engineer – CMRE

In this course, you will learn the profound and inner levels of the art of malware dissection and reverse engineering. You will learn about advanced malware evasion, privilege escalation, and lateral movement techniques followed by process injection and hooking techniques. This course is a continuation course of the CMAP course.

Certified Adversarial Craft Developer – CACD

In this course, you will gain hands-on experience from the attacker’s standpoint where you will learn the essence and practice of red teaming. In this course, you will gain the knowledge of building a red team plan from scratch, the art of malware and Antivirus/EDR bypass techniques, the art of deception, and more. All of that of course will be backed up with real-world tools, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, customization, and development of tools and malware for your needs.

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Students Testimonials Courses

“Being a cyber security researcher myself for more than 20 years now, I found Uriel and his courses highly educational and a must for those who aspire to be experts in RE, MA, or incident response. Even as an experienced researcher in the cyber world, during the courses, the PoCs and techniques Uriel presented were successfully tested and reproduced by my team and me sharpening our tools. Furthermore, some of the ideas were fine-tuning my more advanced research in this field needed. The courses are for professionals or professionals to be only. Be prepared for some hard work. Some of the methodologies and ideas presented will require you to deepen your knowledge and experience in advanced aspects of Windows internals, reverse engineering, Assembly, and more. Uriel He is one of the most ground-up professionals I know in this field. Take my firsthand testimony. Bottom line – Incident responders, Cyber security researchers, Malware analysts, Reverse engineers – your professional career starts here. Nowhere else.” – Amichai Ifrach (The HitchHiker), Inventor, Cybersecurity Researcher & Developer, System Engineer, Coder, and CEO at AYMOP Ltd. Courses“I want to recommend Uriel Kosayev as a quality professional security researcher and lecturer who knows how to guide his students, give the right word, and push them to success. I had the pleasure of being his student.” – Or Levy, Mobile Security Research Team Leader at Appdome Courses

“Uriel is a great lecturer and person not only because of his knowledge in the field of security research, offensive security, and Malware Analysis but because of the passion that he provided me as a student to keep asking questions and research by myself. Uriel empowers his students with the theory behind the scene and practical tools to handle complex problems, and the ability to empower the peoples that learned and work with us.” – Matan Haim Guez, Security Researcher at Palo Alto Networks Courses

The one and only master, thank you! Your knowledge and your passion for Cyber make you a great teacher!!! – Max Malyutin, Threat Researcher and Orion Malware Research Team Leader at Cynet Courses

“Uriel is the best cyber instructor I have ever met.
he has a very interesting way of communicating and teaching his knowledge.
besides antivirus bypass book has been written by him is a POWERFUL book with tons of knowledge that helped to set me ahead in my career. It has been a real pleasure being your student Uriel.” – Adam Joron, System and security engineer Courses

“I want to say that Uriel Kosayev is one of the best researchers in the industry, with a lot of experience in the field of investigations and reverse engineering, I learned a lot from him. In addition, he has one of the best books on the market that teaches anti-virus bypass methods. I recommend everyone to acquire knowledge from Uriel!” – Omer Dahan, Mobile Security Researcher at Appdome Courses

“Uriel is an exceptional security researcher and lecturer, he is capable of delivering the required material in a professional and entertaining way. I find him an extraordinary person, he is both talented at his work and an amazing human being. I highly recommend his courses.” – Matan Danieli, Head of IT Services at AGAS IT Solutions Courses

“First and foremost, Uriel is one of a kind open-minded person. His ability to lecture some of the most difficult and challenging topics in the simplest yet most interesting ways is astonishing. Working with Uriel opened up some next-level doors in the industry and made me want to work even harder to accomplish my goals.
He is a serious, hard-working, and all-around kind person to work with. But, more importantly, he’s a friend first and a colleague later.” – Vadim Gavrilov, Freelance Software Developer Courses

“Uriel is a highly-skilled cybersecurity professional with vast, broad, and deep knowledge in both the offense and defense worlds. It was a great pleasure working with him and hope to continue collaborating with him on more projects.” – Shay Rozen, Head of Red Team at Next Insurance

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Uriel for more than 1 year. Above all, I was impressed with Uriel’s ability to possess a wide knowledge of security research and almost any subject in the technological field. And, of course, his goodwill to make everyone happy around him. Uriel would be a true asset for any positions requiring wide knowledge, creativity, and determination.” – Nadav Marcus, Information Security Analyst at Intel Courses

“Uriel is one of the best Cybersecurity trainers among all the people I have ever met. A rare combination of professionalism and high-quality delivery excellent and creative ways he delivers the material. On top of that, if you will ever be a student in his class, I can guarantee you that he will explain to you till you will finally understand the learned material. A great lecturer and mentor!” – Sahar Shlichove, Senior SOC Analyst at TrustNet



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